Shining a new light on the arts.

December 28, 2015 Community, Events

On December 21st, the night of the Winter Solstice, a time where we welcome more light into our lives both literally and figuratively, my patrons and friends, Rick Tallman (Co-chair of the Denver Cultural Commission) and Lisa Flores (newly elected member of the DPS School Board), hosted a solo exhibition of my paintings and etchings at their spectacular Highlands residence.

The evening was truly special for me in terms of exposure and recognition, as about 200 members of the Denver Arts Community were in attendance, but the real magic of this night was that within the walls of a warm, comfortable and inviting home, the Art Salon was reborn in modern form.

Not coincidental that this occurred on an eve in the deep mid-winter that corresponds with a time of reflection and intentions of transformation and rebirth.

This is so Denver.

One family serving as cultural ambassadors and champions by welcoming a diverse crowd of artists, musicians, chefs, collectors, art dealers, civic leaders and more to show their support of and belief in the creativity and artwork of one guy.

Our city has had a long and until recently underground reputation for accessibility in terms of the creative sector. There are numerous non-profit, civic and private arts organizations that offer programs, grants, education and almost anything else a creative could need to help support an artistic career.

Yet, the simplicity of an open home with impromptu musical performances, connected conversation, time with the art has an immediacy in terms of soul-feeding impact and inspiration. I hope that this wonder-filled night will be the activation of a new Denver-trend that shines a brilliant new light on the arts.

To see photos of the Winter Solstice event please check out my Facebook Photo Album